Kicker Subwoofer Slim CompRT Loaded Enclosure 12'' (ref: 48TCWRT122)

Rs 15,000


12" CompRT 2 Ohm Enclosure

The CompRT Thin Profile 12-Inch Subwoofer Enclosure comes loaded with a Reflex Subwoofer and RT Sub, then carpeted and loaded with a single 2Ω terminal.

How do we keep the box so thin, yet generate so much bass? The combination of a Reflex Subwoofer and thin CompRT driver work as a team to create tons of bass in a box less than seven inches thick.

The CompRT 12-Inch Enclosure works best with 500 watts of recommended power. See below for more details.

It Fits

Whether it’s behind the backbench of your pickup, under a seat or in the trunk, the CompRT sub box is a perfect fit. One amplifier connection later – you’re boomin!

Great Reflexes

Our engineers added a Reflex Subwoofer to our CompRT loaded enclosures, giving you even deeper, smoother bass in an incredibly thin box

Built Tough

We build our boxes as tough as Oklahoma. A thick black carpet covers a box made with thick wood and internal bracing for excellent durability.




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