BLACK RHINO Wheels - 20'' OVERLAND Matte Black w/ Black Bolts (6x139.7)

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OVERLAND Matte Black Wheels by BLACK RHINO®. 20" x 9.5", +6 Offset, 6x139.7 Bolt Pattern, 112.1mm Hub 

 BlackRhino style with its multi layered mechanical features that strongly tie lip with its concavity that constructs into an ultra rugged looking custom wheel. It’s a fresh take on the split five spoke design that is integrated with its outer bolted lip- showcasing both intricate ruggedness and precision style that define this brand. The hallowed five tongued forks are individually recessed in the right areas to give many dimensions that suit the most demanding styles of trucks. The Overland has unique dimensionality with these details combined with aggressive concave for the wider sizes.

    Overland embodies 

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